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Lizzy London 11/03/2011
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Wet and Wide
Lizzy's got a body to die for. Her natural, full breasts are just one of her many assets. She strips for us, she spreads her legs and she plants a finger in her pussy...She seems eager, and we definitely are, so it's time to put her through the paces. We bind those heavy breasts and chain her to the wall where Lizzy puts up quite the struggle...We're far from done however and now we're going to take this busty damsel to the edge...Spread wide, she knows somethings gotta give and she nervously glances around unsure of what may come next...She whimpers nervously when the pussy stretcher appears, and she whimpers even moreso when it's pinned in place...We smash a pole mounted wand against her readily exposed clit...Lizzy fights the tide that is obviously welling up inside her, but we show no letting up. Finally, submission rears it's head and Lizzy's liquids flow as she cums for us...
ShootID: LIZ_102611

Riley Richman 10/26/2011
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Will Were Made to Be Broken
Riley's struggle intensifies as she tries her best to figure a way out. Her muscles flex as she strains against her binds...She has a strong will, but wills were made to be broken...At least that's our motto...Already familiar with the pole that we've bound her to, we place her in an upside down spread-eagle position. Her ankles strapped to pole this time, her wrists restrained tightly against the wooden floor. We flip the switch and watch Riley shift into overdrive...
ShootID: RIL_092811

Members Comments
14 Jan 2012 Megaman67 wrote: I liked this very much-but agree with the other guy-wish the first photo set was also a video.

19 Nov 2011 johncamp wrote: It is really a crime that the movie does not include the wonderful scene depicted in the first photo gallery. Without this thrilling beginning the rest is so much less exciting. This is true for many of PS's updates. I suppose that in the beginning there was a lack of storage and server capacity. But today there is no excuse for this.

Mikayla Hendrix 10/20/2011
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First the Struggle, Then Comes Freedom
We bind Mikayla tightly between two beams and she puts up quite the struggle. It's a beautiful sight to watch and hear her conflict. We allow her to wear herself down so she's ripe and ready...Next, we restarin her to the arch, we get a vision of her lovely curves, her bodyline flows...We press the vibe snugly against her swollen snatch and let her find freedom by way of the orgasm...
ShootID: MIK_081111

Members Comments
24 Oct 2011 Huey wrote: What a body! Great abs and legs. Glad they were displayed so beautifully. Hope to see her on every site multiple times.

21 Oct 2011 Sire GD wrote: There's something about Mikayla. What a babe!

Tati Russo 10/13/2011
Preview this Update --> 147 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Raise the Rafters
We let lithe, little Tati wear herself down…We've tied her to the rafters and she's proving to be quite the feisty one…She obviously doesn't like this precarious position we've put her in and it shows…She is quite agile though, I'll give her that. And she's got some spirit for sure…No matter the amount of spirit though, they always succumb however and we bind little Tati into the throne. With her heart still racing from her previous struggle, Tati is like putty in our hands…She cums hard, she cums heavy and she cums deep. And we leave her to it until she can take no more…
ShootID: TAT_052611

Members Comments
16 Oct 2011 Fokusnik wrote: Now that's what I'm talking about ! Updates like this one with Tati and last week's with Athena are EXACTLY what I signed up for. I particularly liked the nipple clamps... you should do that more often, IMHO, especially with a little weight on them.

15 Oct 2011 SirSirSir wrote: Little Tati is such a sincere model. Superb update!

14 Oct 2011 Rolff wrote: What a beauty!

Athena Angel 10/05/2011
Preview this Update --> 72 Pictures, 14:00 video.

Welcome Athena
It's time for Athena's Perfect Slave debut...And we take a little time getting to know her. Seems she is a bit of a bondage rookie of sorts. But, we don't mind... she'll be whistling a different tune by the time we're finished with her...We rope her arms behind her back and watch her writhe...She has an amazing body. Perfectly proportioned and she has beautiful tits...Next we neck rope her to the throne and Athena's next sensation is that of the vibe pressed against her clit. Her pussy gets super moist as she grinds her pelvis against the vibrator head...Grinding hard it appears as if , at times, her swollen pussy swallows the vibe. And she doesn't let up...
ShootID: ATH_080211

Mikayla Hendrix 09/29/2011
Preview this Update --> 69 Pictures, 12:00 video.

Wide & High
Mikayla's slowly making the rounds on the DungeonCorp sites, but she's quickly becoming a fan favorite. It's no wonder really...She's got a beautiful body and an amazing pussy...She was new to bondage in general when we first met and we'll turn her out a little better learned...First, we bind her tightly and we get a chance to see her reactions in a predicament. It was obvious that she was nervous, as her eyes darted around the room nervously... Next, we spread her wide and high and Mikayla definitely knew the jig was up as her struggle became quite a bit more frantic. Finally, we got her lubed and ready for the vibe, but I don't think anything could have prepared her, or us, for what was about to unfold...
ShootID: MIK_081111

Members Comments
24 Oct 2011 Huey wrote: Wonderful body!

Reena Sky 09/22/2011
Preview this Update --> 71 Pictures, 14:00 video.

The Tipping Point
Reena's one of our absolute favorites around here at DungeonCorp, we can never get enough of her. We watch her pose and get a good preview of what's to come. Reena then puts on quite the show as she spreads her legs and begins to play with herself, we get a birdseye view of her wares and we're good to go...First, we tie her hands overhead and watch her put up a good struggle...albeit a futile one...Next, we spread her in the chair... her head immobile, we're all aware that she's going absolutely nowhere...We've put Ms Sky through the paces already, but the session is still not complete...Out comes the vibe and on goes the show as we send beautiful Reena towards the tipping point...
ShootID: REE_091411

Tegan Summers 09/15/2011
Preview this Update --> 79 Pictures, 8:00 video.

Captive Audience
Tegan certainly must feel a bit claustrophobic in the cage. Her restlessness, she realizes is a waste of effort. She is going nowhere and will be left to our devices. She then finds herself arched and bound and this new predicament sets off another energy rush…She struggles and writhes in anticipation of what shall follow. We rig her to the milker and set the machine in motion. The sounds of Tegan's whimpers as they interweave with the noise of industry are simply captivating…We then release her and leave her to wonder what else possibly awaits…
ShootID: TEG_051311

Members Comments
30 Sep 2011 Bababooey wrote: Great video - the milker was so hot! Was it turned up very high? I'm surprised not to see just a little milk. It would have been outstanding to see her vibed to orgasm while she was being milked though...

29 Sep 2011 alien wrote: Fantastic. Shame there wasn't a third milker for her pussy. Would love to see Emily Marilyn or Kristen Price in the same predicament.


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