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Cherie Deville 04/19/2012
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Cherie Baby
I've been eagerly awaiting Cherie's Perfect Slave debut. In case you've been living under a rock, Cherie Deville is a tall, leggy MILF type with an amazing set of tits and the entire package that goes along with it. We've featured her on our other DungeonCorp sites (make sure you check them out), and now at long last, she's here on Perfect Slave. We start off watching as she puts up one heck of a battle. She attempts to wriggle away as Bane unhooks her brassiere, exposing her fleshy orbs. She gets high up on her toes while in the throes of this struggle...We then strip her bare, get a spreader bar between her legs, complete with a hefty dildo buried deep in her pussy. She's still putting up one hell of a struggle though, and I'm thinking there's only one true way to soothe Cherie's soul...Out comes the vibe, pressed tightly against her immaculately manicured pussy, and we watch a transformation take place before our very eyes as Cherie Baby gives in and grinds away...
ShootID: CHE_041212

Members Comments
23 Apr 2012 shrike wrote: Ditto everything below. Love the thigh-highs, and stalkings on ashley and diana previously. Not to be greedy but i would love to see the hitachi pressed up against some gussetless pantyhose

21 Apr 2012 Thorn wrote: Awesome update,Now this is more like it!.Cherie and Ashley from the previous update looked amazing, keep em cumming

20 Apr 2012 fokusnik wrote: Now THAT is what we want to see. Get the spreader bar with the dildo (maybe even a second one somewhere else), a vibrator strategically positioned... and on with the show.

20 Apr 2012 Goalie21 wrote: Wow! Sherrie looks great and struggles wonderfully. Lets do more to her!

20 Apr 2012 Bolshevik Bastard wrote: Fucking amazing! Give me more of this one!

Ashley Graham 04/12/2012
Preview this Update --> 123 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Hang Tight
This week brings us Ashley Graham, and with her, yet another fine young Damsel enters the DungeonCorp fold. She's a supremely busty vixen with an immaculate body. We've got her bound on the floor in an intricate tie as we watch her struggle, and try as she might, we've got her exactly where we want her. We loosen her ties, but only to reposition her in a back-bend, where we take the opportunity to press the vibe against that lovely pussy. In this precarious position, Ashley had better hang tight as we toy with her clit and push her into a blistering orgasm and beyond.
ShootID: ASH_040612

Holly Wood 04/05/2012
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It's All About the Taking
Looking at Holly is enough to cause a stroke, but watching her like this is aneurism inducing. We've bound her bottom up on the surgical table and rigged a vibe up to her pussy. Her luscious tits hang perfectly and we've got a great view. What we do next is monumental as we put her through an orgasm session that has to be witnessed to be believed. Just when we think she can't give any more, she does, and we're all about taking it...
ShootID: HOL_031612

Members Comments
27 Apr 2012 Schizo wrote: Dearest doublem247: The 18th Century called and would like their ideals back.

22 Apr 2012 doublem247 wrote: To those models thinking about appearing on dungeoncorp sites, take a look at Holly Wood & Ariel X. Both have fabulos bodies, can take alot of punishment, and most importantly, NO TATOOS!

10 Apr 2012 POWEREDBY123 wrote: nice shape

Vanessa Reed 03/29/2012
Preview this Update --> 135 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Another Newbie Broken In
Vanessa's another new addition to our stable of slaves. She's a sexy blonde haired, blue eyed damsel with a sweet little body and a twisted mind. We've bound her tightly for your inspection and we watch her twist uncomfortably in her binds. Then we seat her firmly in the chair and prepare her for her orgasmic initiation. With the vibe going full force, it doesn't take long for yet another lovely lady to submit and cum for us...
ShootID: VAN_032212

Holly Wood 03/22/2012
Preview this Update --> 170 Pictures, 14:00 video.

Hooray For Holly Wood!
Holly's a mainstay on our sites, yet we've never had the opportunity to admire her beauty on Perfect Slave. This week, that all changes, and we soak in the view. She has a fantastic body, it's incredible actually. Perfect natural tits, and a sweet curvy body. Add to that, her alabaster skin, and she's a natural redhead and what you've got is one hell of a package. Lately for the most part, she's been in the Domme position on our other sites, but this week we wanted to see her struggle. We bound her hands tightly behind her back, her lovely tits sway as she puts up a fight. Then we bind those awesome tits, mount a vibe up against her cunt, and the rest is history...
ShootID: HOL_031612

Members Comments
13 Jun 2012 rackem wrote: Beautiful woman, great scene. As you are the only website, and therefore my favorite, which uses various versions of the rack, I have a favor to ask: Please consider a rack scene with some of your premiere models like Holly, Emily Addison or Emily Marilyn. Great work, best site!

24 Mar 2012 Pav wrote: Glad to see Holly back as a sub. She was a pretty sweet Dom but I liked her as a sub better.

23 Mar 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Now we're talking... worth the price of admission, that's for sure. In my humble opinion, however, I would love to see more use of the vibrtor + dildo combination on that T-bar. But even without that, Holly was terrific... to say nothing of beautiful !

Callie Cobra 03/15/2012
Preview this Update --> 111 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Unfamiliar Territory
Has Callie taken on more than she can handle? She nervously wiggles, she's not familiar with our ways. Fleeting thoughts running through her mind...We rig her to the pole, this is even more unfamiliar of a position for her and her eyes grow wide as we slide the vibrating contraption into place. She tries her hardest at resistance, her wailing orgasm proves that to be a futile effort though...
ShootID: CAL_030912

Members Comments
17 Mar 2012 MyNameContainsLetters wrote: I like her, get her on many sites

Emily Addison 03/08/2012
Preview this Update --> 95 Pictures, 15:00 video.

Bondage Bounty
Emily's caused quite the ruckus with her return, so here's a second helping. She does a little dance for us before climbing atop the bed and grabbing the vibe. Then she gets busy going to town on that sweet pussy of hers. It's simply an eye-popping adventure. We then restrain her to bed and go full out. Suction on her pussy and tits and then a vibe on her clit makes for a perfect orgasm session...
ShootID: EMI_021512

Members Comments
17 Jun 2012 rackem wrote: Pretty Please, this beauty should be stretched on one of your delightful racks! Great work as always, you are the best and Emily is beyond words. Also would appreciate more elbow bondage. One scene with Emily was particularly wonderful with her flexible arms bound tightly at the elbows.

10 Mar 2012 cmf wrote: Wow, Emily is, as always, to paraphrase, eye-popping! I think the only way this shoot could have improved was with a machine fuck. But that would be Cumbots, wouldn't it? ;)

10 Mar 2012 wwallace wrote: 09 Mar 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Much as I love Emily (and seriously, who wouldn't??), isn't this something like the 5th week in a row of the vibrator on a stick ? Could we please go back to simply tying the (seriously beautiful) girl down, tying the vibrator (with/without dildo) in place, and letting her orgasm like crazy ? Please ??? AGREE with above +1

09 Mar 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Much as I love Emily (and seriously, who wouldn't??), isn't this something like the 5th week in a row of the vibrator on a stick ? Could we please go back to simply tying the (seriously beautiful) girl down, tying the vibrator (with/without dildo) in place, and letting her orgasm like crazy ? Please ???

Maia Davis 03/01/2012
Preview this Update --> 72 Pictures, 15:00 video.

Fresh Faced and Cumming II
Maia's initiation has only just begun...This time we spread her on the bed, render her immobile and apply some suction to her perky, little tits. Once we're satisfied that she's positioned correctly, we bury the pole mounted vibe in her snatch. Maia's hazing ritual steps up in intensity as we show her what we expect from our stable of Perfect Slaves...
ShootID: MAI_012712


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