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Summer Brielle 12/08/2011
Preview this Update --> 126 Pictures, 9:00 video.

Seeing Stars
Busty, blonde Summer…what a joy to behold…We bind her heavy tits and hoist her up onto the Iron Throne. Her legs are tied wide open and she has no choice but to accept what she's given. We begin by teasing her pussy with the wand…Her massive boobs heave as we titillate her cunt…She gyrates as she hits a mind numbing orgasm and we continue to push her further...
ShootID: SUM_101311

Members Comments
30 Jan 2012 cholo wrote: incredible, very attractive

Tristyn Kennedy 12/02/2011
Preview this Update --> 140 Pictures, 18:00 video.

Scuffle & Grind
Tristyn's made quite the impression on everyone at DungonCorp and it's no mystery as to why really. She's got just a spectacular body on her and she's up for experimentation, all qualities that we gluttons admire...We kick it off by roping her hands behind her back, tying her her legs tightly and then hoisting her off the ground. Tristyn puts up quite the scuffle, her lovely body on the display to all of us, and we soak in the view...We watch intently as she drools profusely, her energy diminishing until she is like putty in our hands... Or is she?... We soon find that she's still got a little kick left in her once we bind her to the bench...she gets an "A" for effort undoubtedly. To pacify this aggression we rig the vibe to her pussy and Tristyn actually kicks into yet another gear...It's amazing to witness...She grinds hard on the wand almost engulfing it's head in her pussy...This one's definitely a keeper...
ShootID: TRI_090811

Members Comments
20 Jul 2012 fix3890 wrote: Tristyn, Holly Wood, Cherie, and Summer are some of the finest models around. Along with veterans like Cherry and ArielX, you've got the best lineup around. Keep 'em coming!

14 Jan 2012 Megaman67 wrote: nice shoot! like the chair she is tied to'...Tristyn is awesome!

Sandy Skarsgard 11/24/2011
Preview this Update --> 82 Pictures, 19:00 video.

Roped in Rubber
Sandy Skarsgard (aka Rubber Necro) makes her way to Perfect Slave this week. First she gives us a little taste as she rubs herself down before she rubs one out...Then, we put her in nice bind...she's going nowhere, this is evident and we watch her flail helplessly. For the encore, we wrap her little hands tightly and she shall soon admit defeat, the vibe between her spread legs purrs and pulses and Sandy belongs to us...
ShootID: SAN_101911

Summer Brielle 11/17/2011
Preview this Update --> 121 Pictures, 21:00 video.

Slow & Steady
Summer gives us a slow, molten striptease before she lays back and buries a finger in her smoothly shaven pussy. Her massive tits heave and we turn up the heat another notch...We watch her wiggle on the bed, we've bound her beautiful breasts tightly, and the sight before our eyes is one of extreme awesome-ness...We leave her high heels and thigh high stockings on when we open her up...We like the way she looks just fine. And then we work Summer over slow and methodically with the vibe. Summer simply stuns as she gyrates her pussy against the wand. This woman loves to cum and we're going to oblige...
ShootID: SUM_101311

Members Comments
17 Jun 2012 rackem wrote: echo those last sentiments. Would love to see more onscreen bondage!

15 Mar 2012 intrguy wrote: Summer is amazing and beautiful. I think it would be really cool if you would offer a "behind the scenes" video of your shoots where we get to see the mnodel being tied up. I would love to watch the ropes being slowly applied to Summer or anyone else.

18 Nov 2011 Holy Shit! wrote: This is a fantastic website! I'm a huge fun of Summer. Isn't everyone?

Sophia Jade 11/10/2011
Preview this Update --> 190 Pictures, 18:00 video.

A Matter of Time
Another week ushers in another arrival of a smoking hot Damsel. This week we bring to you Ms. Sophia Jade…the hits keep on coming…Sophia's a fiery type with a spectacular body and we can't wait to get a long, hard look at her…She strips for us and we're more than ready…We bind her tightly in red rope and we get a chance to observe her struggles…Just what type of fire does she possess? Next, we spread her on the bench and Sophia realizes that we're getting down to business. Her exposed pussy is our target, she whimpers as we clamp and weight her nipples…She struggles when we press the vibe against her pussy…We work the vibe to and fro and Sophia tries her best to resist. It's only a matter of time…
ShootID: SOP_110711

Members Comments
04 Dec 2011 alex wrote: As always nice pics - but a lot of timed used for an ordinary stip sequense (yawn! - millions of those) When it gets interesting and the gag come forward she just - snap - is tied and gagged!!! Cut back on the vanilla strip and let the girls collar and gag themself - so seducing as they do the strip...

11 Nov 2011 HE77Z wrote: Sophia is extremely beauitful. Thighs and hips. Nuff Said.

Lizzy London 11/03/2011
Preview this Update --> 186 Pictures, 23:00 video.

Wet and Wide
Lizzy's got a body to die for. Her natural, full breasts are just one of her many assets. She strips for us, she spreads her legs and she plants a finger in her pussy...She seems eager, and we definitely are, so it's time to put her through the paces. We bind those heavy breasts and chain her to the wall where Lizzy puts up quite the struggle...We're far from done however and now we're going to take this busty damsel to the edge...Spread wide, she knows somethings gotta give and she nervously glances around unsure of what may come next...She whimpers nervously when the pussy stretcher appears, and she whimpers even moreso when it's pinned in place...We smash a pole mounted wand against her readily exposed clit...Lizzy fights the tide that is obviously welling up inside her, but we show no letting up. Finally, submission rears it's head and Lizzy's liquids flow as she cums for us...
ShootID: LIZ_102611

Riley Richman 10/26/2011
Preview this Update --> 86 Pictures, 11:00 video.

Will Were Made to Be Broken
Riley's struggle intensifies as she tries her best to figure a way out. Her muscles flex as she strains against her binds...She has a strong will, but wills were made to be broken...At least that's our motto...Already familiar with the pole that we've bound her to, we place her in an upside down spread-eagle position. Her ankles strapped to pole this time, her wrists restrained tightly against the wooden floor. We flip the switch and watch Riley shift into overdrive...
ShootID: RIL_092811

Members Comments
14 Jan 2012 Megaman67 wrote: I liked this very much-but agree with the other guy-wish the first photo set was also a video.

19 Nov 2011 johncamp wrote: It is really a crime that the movie does not include the wonderful scene depicted in the first photo gallery. Without this thrilling beginning the rest is so much less exciting. This is true for many of PS's updates. I suppose that in the beginning there was a lack of storage and server capacity. But today there is no excuse for this.

Mikayla Hendrix 10/20/2011
Preview this Update --> 125 Pictures, 11:00 video.

First the Struggle, Then Comes Freedom
We bind Mikayla tightly between two beams and she puts up quite the struggle. It's a beautiful sight to watch and hear her conflict. We allow her to wear herself down so she's ripe and ready...Next, we restarin her to the arch, we get a vision of her lovely curves, her bodyline flows...We press the vibe snugly against her swollen snatch and let her find freedom by way of the orgasm...
ShootID: MIK_081111

Members Comments
24 Oct 2011 Huey wrote: What a body! Great abs and legs. Glad they were displayed so beautifully. Hope to see her on every site multiple times.

21 Oct 2011 Sire GD wrote: There's something about Mikayla. What a babe!


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