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Callie Cobra 03/15/2012
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Unfamiliar Territory
Has Callie taken on more than she can handle? She nervously wiggles, she's not familiar with our ways. Fleeting thoughts running through her mind...We rig her to the pole, this is even more unfamiliar of a position for her and her eyes grow wide as we slide the vibrating contraption into place. She tries her hardest at resistance, her wailing orgasm proves that to be a futile effort though...
ShootID: CAL_030912

Members Comments
17 Mar 2012 MyNameContainsLetters wrote: I like her, get her on many sites

Emily Addison 03/08/2012
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Bondage Bounty
Emily's caused quite the ruckus with her return, so here's a second helping. She does a little dance for us before climbing atop the bed and grabbing the vibe. Then she gets busy going to town on that sweet pussy of hers. It's simply an eye-popping adventure. We then restrain her to bed and go full out. Suction on her pussy and tits and then a vibe on her clit makes for a perfect orgasm session...
ShootID: EMI_021512

Members Comments
17 Jun 2012 rackem wrote: Pretty Please, this beauty should be stretched on one of your delightful racks! Great work as always, you are the best and Emily is beyond words. Also would appreciate more elbow bondage. One scene with Emily was particularly wonderful with her flexible arms bound tightly at the elbows.

10 Mar 2012 cmf wrote: Wow, Emily is, as always, to paraphrase, eye-popping! I think the only way this shoot could have improved was with a machine fuck. But that would be Cumbots, wouldn't it? ;)

10 Mar 2012 wwallace wrote: 09 Mar 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Much as I love Emily (and seriously, who wouldn't??), isn't this something like the 5th week in a row of the vibrator on a stick ? Could we please go back to simply tying the (seriously beautiful) girl down, tying the vibrator (with/without dildo) in place, and letting her orgasm like crazy ? Please ??? AGREE with above +1

09 Mar 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Much as I love Emily (and seriously, who wouldn't??), isn't this something like the 5th week in a row of the vibrator on a stick ? Could we please go back to simply tying the (seriously beautiful) girl down, tying the vibrator (with/without dildo) in place, and letting her orgasm like crazy ? Please ???

Maia Davis 03/01/2012
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Fresh Faced and Cumming II
Maia's initiation has only just begun...This time we spread her on the bed, render her immobile and apply some suction to her perky, little tits. Once we're satisfied that she's positioned correctly, we bury the pole mounted vibe in her snatch. Maia's hazing ritual steps up in intensity as we show her what we expect from our stable of Perfect Slaves...
ShootID: MAI_012712

Emily Addison 02/22/2012
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Encore, Emily, Encore!
Emily's encore has been a long time in the making. Too long actually, but here she is before our very eyes. And like kids in a candy store, we relish in her delights. Her beautiful eyes, her amazing body, she has it all. She handles her perfect breasts for our cameras and we soak up every glorious second of it. We bind her tightly and watch intently, and then we tease her with the vibe. Her homecoming does not disappoint...
ShootID: EMI_021512

Members Comments
23 Feb 2012 Fokusnik wrote: If there was a way to get me to sign back up, it was to have Emily on Perfect Slave !

23 Feb 2012 hasler wrote: What a beautifull girl. Love to see her accept her gag - even better if she placed it herself. And loves a girl who can smile ballgagged But to showus such a gorgeus neck - and dont posture collar it - a waste of natural resourses - jmho

Maia Davis 02/16/2012
Preview this Update --> 119 Pictures, 17:00 video.

Fresh Faced and Cumming
Maia's new to the fold. Fresh faced, blonde and young, a perfect addition to our stable...We want to see what she's got of course and Maia strips down before our very eyes, caresses her body and gives us a little eye candy...She reacts rather wildly once we bind her, she struggles hard, eyes wide as she attempts to escape from the predicament we have roped her into. She's got a wild streak we can tell, so we rope her head to keep her firmly in place. She glances around nervously and we press the vibe into place, teasing her tight little pussy with it. Her body tenses as the volume of her yelps raise and Maia's belly buckles as she has the orgasm of a lifetime...
ShootID: MAI_012712

Ariel X 02/09/2012
Preview this Update --> 124 Pictures, 19:00 video.

Hard Bodied
Some things are too good to be true. Ariel however, is the real deal. 100% hard bodied and fine as wine. She's got it all... She's a DungeonCorp fan favorite and it's easy to see why, and we expand upon that by asking her to strip and show our members all that she's got. She teases us nicely, baring all and spreading for us on the table. We're liking it... After seeing a body like that, there's only two things that can top it. One: Binding her tightly and watching her struggle. And Two: Watching her struggle and cum. Ariel does not disappoint us in the slightest. As always, it's a real pleasure to watch her as we press her into action and beyond...
ShootID: ARI_010412

Members Comments
10 Feb 2012 doublem427 wrote: How about a two-girl set with Ariel X & Randy Moore? That would give anyone a hard-on from now till the end of time!

10 Feb 2012 knucks1947 wrote: Ariel X is beautiful and has one hell of a body! She sure gets better with time. She is stunning!

Diana Prince 02/02/2012
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Strip and Spread
Diana gives us a taste, showing us the goods while performing a sensual striptease. She reveals her beautiful tits and ass and coyly plays with her pussy. That pole she so deftly teases us with, makes the perfect spot for us to bind her, and indeed we do. After her struggle, we spread her on the floor, legs high and wide…We mount the vibe and chart a course for Ms. Prince's orgasmic adventure...
ShootID: DIA_010512

Members Comments
25 Oct 2013 clashman wrote: This woman is amazing. Bring her back!!

03 Feb 2012 provost wrote: cool sequence! next time you might try tying toes to nipples so she'll feel it when she squirms.... Lovely lady!

Bonnie Rotten 01/27/2012
Preview this Update --> 82 Pictures, 14:00 video.

Tattooed, Tied and Teased
Bonnie's bound in a state of limbo...Hands overhead, her ankle securely bound...Just the perfect position of vulnerability that Damon takes full advantage of as he teases her pussy mercilessly with the magic wand. Her valiant struggles shall not go unrewarded however, when we bind her down to the bench and spread her pretty little legs open. The G5 is brandished and pushed up into her cunt and Bonnie is driven into a world of trembling orgasm...
ShootID: BON_012512

Members Comments
01 Feb 2012 woofsly wrote: Got to get me a G5!!! Where can I purchase?

29 Jan 2012 Ogre wrote: This scene is a bit different from our typical PerfectSlave format. Bonnie was scheduled for a StrictRestraint shoot and she got through 2 scenes with Damon...after those 2 scenes, we decided to dial back the intensity and stick with forced pleasure...So we decided to post those scenes here...Fok did a nice job of expressing his tattoo dislikes and i appreciate the tone of the comment...

29 Jan 2012 Goalie21 wrote: I have to agree with Fokusnik; I'm sure the model was beautiful before she was mugged by a demented tatoo artist. The action is good, but the tats take away too much for me to get into it.

28 Jan 2012 Fokusnik wrote: Sorry, have to disagree. This one is a miss, for me anyway. I thought that this site was intended to have pretty girls nicely tied and cumming, along the lines of Melissa and the dildo/vibrator some time ago. With some misc. guy in the scene, how is this different from Strict Bondage ? Lose the guy, secure the girl, get the vibrator (and/or dildo) in place, and let's watch the show. No disrespect intended, but the tats are a bit much for me.

28 Jan 2012 provost wrote: Great! I like the wider exposure and closer look this sort of shoot provides. I also think the model is tested or examined a bit more vigorously than happens in some other shoots...sort of a "welcome to DC, what do you have to offer?"


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