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Tati Russo 07/25/2015
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An Intense Spread
Luke Degre' gives us his version of spread and pleasured on little Tati Russo, which is kinda like renting a backhoe to clean your rain gutters...overkill, but incredibly fun...Luke lives by the word Intense...his name, his rigging, his art, his personality...Luke has the kind of Dominant and Sadistic energy that newbies find mysterious and seasoned subs know is rare...Luke is a fine and intense perverted wine...Tati begins by posing on the bed as Luke prepares his ropes...smokin and strippin...It's not long before Luke is throwing the culminates in an ass-featuring, predicament, hair and crotch tie...very cool stuff...then onto the spread...a breast harness around her young, ripe tits...legs, tied wide...hands pulled out and up...this offers Tati no relief or relaxation from the preasure on her arms...A sick little twist that I have often missed on eagle ties...Luke nails it and Tati is helpless to flail as he works the vibrator and dildo on her clit and cunt until Tati errupts in helpless, newbie, what-the-fuck-is-happening, orgasms...But he doesnt stop there...he takes more and more until Tati is fully used...pleasured into anxious torment...about 11 minutes worth...a very intense PerfectSlave scene, courtesy of our roving rigger, Luke Degre'..
ShootID: PER_TAT_032210

Melissa Jacobs 07/18/2015
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We Own that Pussy
Some models just know how to create the emotional response of the Damsel Doctrine without being told...let's call them natural damsels...Melissa is natural...her big eyes, her angel face, her perfect body and her body all comes together very well...we definitely need to get Melissa this scene, she is roped to a chair and gagged...but not before posing for us, gagging herself, then stripping...the Pope rigs her with red hemp for a photo set...then onto the chair...the spreader bar and foot tie really keep her quite immobile...and her neck is roped to the chair with her hands pulled tightly behind her...i was impressed by how helpless she was...when you watch the video, you start to realize that she can't move her pussy away from the vibe...I love it...Melissa loves the vibrator and she's all too happy to cum that first time...I suppoe she didnt consider, in her quest for personal orgasms, that we needed more than 3 minutes of footage...witin the next 3 minutes she has a couple more can actually watch the flesh around her cunt get redder and redder...her pussy is getting so sensitive...and she can get no relief...not until we turn it off or let her go...that's what PerfectSlave is all about...
ShootID: VAR_MEL_050610

Alli Rae 04/01/2015
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Draining the Cumslut
Alli has been tied up and made to cum all day...she's almost like a human being, just a bit more mushy...Which makes it easier to rope her down...On a bench., we spread her legs and I play with her pussy once again...Being a good cumslut, Alli squeezes out a couple more orgasms, and by the time IM done, I really doubt she could have had another...
ShootID: ALL_013015

Members Comments
03 May 2016 tisenior wrote: video clip link does not work

18 Apr 2015 Dag wrote: How about some ONSCREEN tying of this girl?

06 Apr 2015 Ogre wrote: Sorry bout that fellas, The video download links are working now.

04 Apr 2015 Rob wrote: Neither download link is working for me. Nothing happens when I click the link.

04 Apr 2015 Steve wrote: The video links produce a html document file.

03 Apr 2015 jklover wrote: Still have bad links. RMClick on Save target as downloads an empty "download.htm" file, not the target MP4. Fix please.

02 Apr 2015 wrote: Are links working properly for this? Just getting "Download html" saved. Tested other recent download links and they seem fine but not this one.

Dillon Carter 03/23/2015
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Hanging Meat
We rope up Dillon's beautiful breasts until they are smashed tight...then onto her back...each ankle is rigged overhead and she hangs there like a delicious piece of meat...A dildo vibe combo is tied into her pussy and stays on her clit till she is begging for release...
ShootID: DIL_020315

Alli Rae 03/09/2015
Preview this Update --> 74 Pictures, 11 video.

Hogtied, Spread and Stuffed
We keep Alli hogtied between scenes as we decide her next fate, but we eventually find a way to go...It's time to spread Alli's legs...with her elbows tied behind her and her hands restrained, we spread each ankle to a bed post....this leaves Alli totally spread and helpless to do anything other than watching...I stuff her with a huge dildo and pound her pussy, then I finish her off with multiple orgasms from the magic wand...
ShootID: ALL_013015

Members Comments
09 Mar 2015 Hihashi wrote: God, I want to fuck her like that. She is one of the most beautiful models of all time.

Dillon Carter 02/24/2015
Preview this Update --> 29 Pictures, 6 video.

Stripped, Spread and Vibed
Dillon is thoroughly roped to a steel grate on the wall...she does her best to pull at her binds, but there is no give...I slide the magic wand between her legs and sit back to watch Dillon squirm and moan...she cums quickly, but the second orgasm gives her much grief...Dillon will learn to take pleasure as long as it is given...
ShootID: DIL_020315

Alli Rae 02/16/2015
Preview this Update --> 68 Pictures, 8 video.

Multiple Orgasms
Alli's day of exploring bondage and submission has only begun and her beautiful pussy is allready tender and swollen...She is stripped then bound harshly against a bed post...her elbows are pulled back and tied together and one leg is pulled up, exposing her sweetness...she is directed to announce her orgasms and she has's lovely to watch her try to pull her hips away from the vibrator stand to no avail...Alli's pussy is at my mercy and I make her beg for release...
ShootID: ALL_013015

Members Comments
19 Feb 2015 genserik wrote: A video where yuou tie her up good and proper on screen.

18 Feb 2015 provost wrote: Wow, these 10-minute teasers leave us yearning for more.... maybe you could add an applause-o-meter to determine which to invite back for a longer show? At the moment I would vote for all of the above. Would love to see you test the sensitivity of your guests' soles, thighs, breasts, and bellies while they are with you...just a little gentle probing and testing to see how such a perfect slave would respond to a more complete session. Cheers!

Dillon Carter 02/09/2015
Preview this Update --> 197 Pictures, 10 video.

Sexy Tied Up
The next model turned slave, to be featured on PerfectSlave, fits in very well...Dillon is a spectacular specimen...Strong, beautiful, intelligent and absolutely perfect tits...Those things realy deserve an extra look and Im sure you all will give them their due attention...Dillon is new to bondage and a bit nervous and expresses it in a very sensual way...she is not used to being helpless and she is not used to big vibrators...we give her a strict dose of both and she finds herself cumming beyond her own control...
ShootID: DIL_020315

Members Comments
03 May 2016 tisenior wrote: This video link does not work, like all the other recent perfect slave video links:picture zips all work fine.

12 Feb 2015 Slick Sammy wrote: You were right, her tits are incredible!

12 Feb 2015 provost wrote: Beautiful, of course, absolutely beautiful! I hope you entice her to return. She'd be lovely on the rack, and her calves are extraordinarily well muscled, ideal for a predicament that puts her on tip-toe. And those soles are begging for some attention.


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