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Victoria Lawson
Victoria Lawson
Age: 23

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Brown


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Victoria Lawson
Victoria Lawson 09/09/2010
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Victoria's finale has been a long time coming... Lucky for us it didn't take her climax that long. Opened up in plain view before us, Victoria heaves to and fro. Saliva bubbling from her lips as she is pushed onward towards the climactic edge... She bucks. She moans. She gives way to a seismic explosion....
ShootID: VIC_092909

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Victoria Lawson 02/26/2010

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Pole Position
The spreader bar between her legs keeps Victoria in a state of vulnerability. The ropes that bind her to the pole reinforce the fact that she is going nowehere. She screams as the wand works against her pussy. Thrashing wildly, she cums at an ear splitting level. Her body trembles as the sensations continue...
ShootID: PER_VIC_092909

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Victoria Lawson 01/06/2010

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Grind Time
Victoria is a beauty and she looks even better once we get her tied to the bed spread eagle. We tie her hands to the bedposts and her legs are securely restrained. She puts up a great struggle as the magic wand gets to work on her clit but, it's to no avail. From behind her gag, her screams echo off the bedroom walls as she is pushed towards a climax. She grinds her sensitive pussy down on the vibe as she cums explosively...
ShootID: PER_VIC_092909

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Victoria Lawson 11/13/2009

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Command Performance
We'd received quite a few member requests for Victoria so we were determined to seek her out. When she arrived at the studio we once again confirmed the fact that our members have great taste in future Slaves! She seemed a little uneasy as she didn't know exactly what we had in store for her but; it didn't take too long for her to find out. To satisfy our members (and ourselves of course), Victoria posed for the camera so we could take some nude shots. We knew however, that no one would be content until we saw this lovely struggle so; we hoisted her up on the exam table and spread her wide for the world to see. With a vibe rigged to her beautiful pussy Victoria then gave us a sight to behold...
87 Pictures, Plus 9:04 video.

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