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Tiffany Tyler
Tiffany Tyler
Age: 23

Eyes: Green

Hair : Black


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Tiffany Tyler
Tiffany Tyler 06/20/2010
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Gwen Hood Improv
I'm not much for over-the-top fetish fashions...a classy g-string with high heels and them hose with the line up the back...the van halen-era of feminine hotness...that's just my particular ideal...but some of the fetish inspired fashions are beautiful for bondage and bound the Gwen Hood...we white trash folk here at DungeonCorp just grab a roll of whatever's lying vet wrap? that'll do...Tiffany is the perfect slave for this because she has those big innocent eyes...close off the mouth like it never existed, wrap the rest of the head and leave those cat eyes staring back at you through fire...the Pope rigs her down on the sofa...lovely ropework that shows off Tiffany's supple, young body...then legs spread...Sweet lilttle Tiffany struggles and cums in about 4 minutes...and continues to deal with the aftershocks for another 4...such a precious one, she is...OGRE...
ShootID: PER_TIF_011210

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28 Jan 2011 woofsly wrote: I liked it!! I am very wet,too!

30 Jun 2010 Eragon wrote: One of my favorite shoots so far. I would change just a few things. First, such a beautiful girl must be seen, next time loose the face wrap. Second, she needed to be pushed just a little harder - something that would make her squirm and take notice of the powerful men around her. Thirdly, she needed Master Eragon there to continue to violate other parts of her vulnerable body and make her the hopelessly devoted slave she wants to become! Finally, The shoes were perfect, some foot torture would have made them even better!

23 Jun 2010 TKO wrote: Great job Tiffany, you are beautiful. The shuddering ropes during orgasm was a bonus.....and I thought I saw your feet trying to join in, but those darn shoes obscured the effect. Great shoot.

22 Jun 2010 jack wrote: love the gag whats wrong with a little change nice model

22 Jun 2010 Ogre wrote: I am no Master...I am only an Ogre...but thanks :)

22 Jun 2010 kira wrote: Well said Master Ogre! You just made me wet!

22 Jun 2010 Ogre wrote: A good debate...lovely...I always appreciate Fok's comments...but the subscription renewal comment is kinda lame...I mean...just do it...cancel if you like...but there's no reason to post a comment about seems a bit in...from a bitch...Perhaps you need some time in session with me? or Goddess Soma? Stick around Fok...we love you...send me your ideas if you want to see something different!

22 Jun 2010 Jon wrote: I don't know...pretty girl, tied up, enjoying herself. What's not to like? The red ball gag gets kinda boring after a while. It's good to change things up I think. Good update. Thanks!

22 Jun 2010 Fokusnik wrote: Pretty girl, but seriously, why not just put a paper bag or a bucket over her head ? We had to wait over a week for this ? Fair at best, despite her nice reactions and unquestionable attractiveness. Definitely not the model's fault, that's certain. Subscription renewal isn't looking good.

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Tiffany Tyler 01/15/2010

133 pictures
plus 6:19 video

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Unsuspecting Innocence
We like hot bitches like Tiffany because they are unsuspecting and seemingly innocent. Like many before her she came to DungeonCorp not knowing quite what she should expect. "Expect the unexpected" is our motto and Tiffany would quickly realize this to be the case. We restrained her slender body to the conveyor and got the vibe in place. Tiffany's eyes darted nervously around the room and we admired her figure... Her trepidation soon gave way to pleasure and this bound slave had a climax that will be etched in her memory forever.
ShootID: PER_TIF_011210

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22 Aug 2011 Cadman wrote: Again, no video or picture links.

05 Mar 2011 Bob D. wrote: Tiffany is lovely and was made for the rack.

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