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Skyler Blake
Skyler Blake
Age: 31

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position
On Top

Fave BDSM Position

Skyler Blake
Daisy Marie, Skyler Blake 10/28/2009

58 pictures
plus 12:41 video

Gallery 1

Strapped & Stuffed
Daisy struggles on the bed as Skyler manipulates her into position. Wearing her big strap-on, Skyler slides between Daisy's legs and fills her pussy with the dildo. Once Daisy's pussy is nice and wet, Skyler flips her over and buries the dong to the hilt...
58 Pictures, Plus 12:41 video.

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Daisy Marie, Skyler Blake 09/02/2009

82 pictures
plus 16:36 video

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G5 in overdrive
The tables have turned and Daisy finds herself bound to the bed in the desolate room. Her heartbeat increases when Skyler appears adorned in leather brandishing a whip. After Skyler has her way with her helpless damsel, she reaches for the G5 and smashes it up against Daisy's pussy. Daisy thrashes despite her confinement and her eyes roll back in her skull as she has a volcanic orgasm...
82 Pictures, Plus 16:36 video.

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Daisy Marie, Skyler Blake 07/24/2009

41 pictures
plus 10:51 video

Gallery 1

Take It!
Skyler finds herself rendered immobile while Daisy slaps and paws her succulent tits. Once Skyler's pussy gets nice and sopping wet, Daisy crawls underneath her buxom slave and begins fucking her cunt. Obediently Skyler takes the strokes deep and long as she is fucked to a moaning orgasm...
41 Pictures, Plus 10:51 video.

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Skyler Blake 06/17/2009

27 pictures
plus 5:54 video

Gallery 1

The Solicitor- Part V
The bible thumping zealot finds herself in yet another perilous situation as she is horse blinded and bound to a garden bench. Restrained tightly in the dilapidated room, The Solicitor has a wand rigged between her legs. The final leg of her journey has only one means of mental escape...
27 Pictures, Plus 5:54 video.

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Daisy Marie, Skyler Blake 05/15/2009

86 pictures
plus 13:39 video

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Bar Bound
Beautiful Skyler is bound to the bars and spread while Daisy takes the riding crop to her body. As Daisy taunts her little whore, she works Skyler's sexy body over with bare handed slaps. Once Skyler's panties are removed, Daisy gets down to business fingering, smacking and licking her slave's exposed cunt until it's nice and swollen. Daisy then presses a vibrator against Skyler's pussy and keeps it smashed tightly against it until Skyler twitches in orgasm.
86 Pictures, Plus 13:39 video.

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Skyler Blake 04/13/2009

20 pictures
plus 11:12 video

Gallery 1

The Solicitor- Part IV
The Solicitor now finds herself in an even more compromising position as she wishes she had chosen another home to spread her word. After having strapped her down the floor, her would be convert ensures she has no means of movement much less escape. With a vibrator rigged to her pussy, she is soon to find a whole new path to enlightenment.
20 Pictures, Plus 11:12 video.

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Skyler Blake 03/11/2009

49 pictures
plus 6:44 video

Gallery 1

The Solicitor - Part III
The solicitor's journey takes yet another dark turn in the road as she is released from her binds. She is then tied tightly upright as her new friend gropes and paws her sexy, naked body before once again leaving her to struggle...
49 Pictures, Plus 6:44 video.

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Members Comments
24 Apr 2009 BBanzai wrote: Personally, I love the storyline aspect and find Skyler very attractive. I eagerly look forward to each continuation.

14 Mar 2009 tickler wrote: is anything ever actually going to happen in this series? lol gotta be the dullest series you've ever done. mind you, skyler is pretty dull to watch in all her shoots, never actually does much in any of them, just lies/sits/stands there.

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Skyler Blake 01/30/2009

51 pictures
plus 5:46 video

Gallery 1

The Solicitor - Part II
Our Solicitor's rigorous journey continues...After knocking on the wrong door, the religious zealot is placed in the position of ultimate sacrifice. After being stripped naked and shackled, she is left to bake under the blistering, southern sky. Silently, she struggles, exposed to the elements with no means of escape...
51 Pictures, Plus 5:46 video.

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Members Comments
18 May 2011 NameHughes46 wrote: Not much use leaving a comment when I cant get into the Video?

02 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Good stuff, I like outdoor scenes.

02 Feb 2009 JC wrote: I just love outdoor spreadeagles!!

31 Jan 2009 Leopardmanxmanore new girls! She looks SO sex wrote: I seen a solicitor (lawyer) recently................she NEVER let me do that to her!!! Skyler looks f***ing excellent tied up & gagged by a swimming pool. Is this what she does at parties at her house? Can I come, next time? Hope she had sun tan lotion smeared ALL OVER her body. Bollocks, now I'll NEVER get to sleep!!! :0 )

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Skyler Blake 12/12/2008

70 pictures
plus 11:03 video

Gallery 1

The Solicitor - Part 1
An unsuspecting religious solicitor knocks on a neighborly door and is warmly invited in. Once inside our zealot soon discovers that she is barking up to wrong tree when it comes to spreading her gospel. What started out as an innocent act of good faith, winds up in a detour to the dark side.
70 Pictures, Plus 11:03 video.

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Members Comments
30 Jan 2009 Leopardmanxmanore new girls! She looks SO sex wrote: Love her tattooed tits. Did she get them done for free! How come I never get a lady religious person on my doorstep.

19 Jan 2009 ttt wrote: yapp, more stor would be cool

12 Dec 2008 Karen wrote: I love these role play stories. Keep em cuming!

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Skyler Blake 03/12/2008

54 pictures
plus 2:31 video

Gallery 1

Rigged from the Rafters
Skyler Blake has one hell of a little body on her so we thought it would be a nice idea to put it on display. First, we fasten her hands overhead. Then, we gag her and clamp her perky nipples. Finally, Ogre ties her feet and lifts her so she can hang naked and squirm from the rafters...
54 Pictures, Plus 2:31 video.

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Members Comments
28 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: shame you didn't vibe her

10 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Stop hanging around! Skyler ........ you're the best swinger in town!! Still think those tits look great tattooed!!!

31 Jul 2008 wrote: Acrobate ladylove continue

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Skyler Blake 12/28/2007

46 pictures
plus 8:36 video

Gallery 1

Table Vibe.
First, we take Skyler and remove her clothes springing free her amazing tits. Then, we gag her and restrain her to the Y table with leather straps. While Skyler thrashes to break free, we mount the magic wand snugly up against her pussy and crank it up to the max. Skyler reluctantly submits to the pleasures of the vibrations that slowly begin to roll through her pussy lips and gives way to a amazing orgasm.
46 Pictures, Plus 8:36 video.

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Members Comments
26 May 2009 Aaron wrote: brill

08 Feb 2009 uneekg5 wrote: Nicely orchestrated. The moment around 5:15 was priceless

11 Aug 2008 wrote: baby baby my love is big for you

16 Jan 2008 Tyingher wrote: Hi, Guys, I\'ll use this location to voice my thoughts. Great site, great models... most of the models, however, leave a little lacking. Not to worry: If you want a site that makes you HUGE money, give Sasha Knox her own site, focusing on device type predicament bondage... videoing her suffering through tough positions, vulnerable positions, long-term positions, with every position ending in a series of her amazing flow of orgasm after orgasm. You have a TREMENDOUS opportunity to grab a lot of us that are looking for a girl with her reactions and her enthusiasm... capture her for us; torment her for us with tickling, tiptoe endurance, nipple torment, forced blowjobs, blindfolds, different intense gags and positions and of course your usual buzzer torture. I\'ll be honored to be the first member!! Or, hire me to design each position you put her in... talk about a dream job!!! Thanks for letting me voice my thoughts, Tyler

08 Jan 2008 Ogre wrote: Youre right, there is no thrashing...but i will thrash our copy writer for misrepresenting Skyler\'s actions as we do not try to mislead with our copy...sorry bout that

07 Jan 2008 nameee wrote: Thrashes to break free? She just lies motionless the whole time. Very unconvincing.

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Skyler Blake 09/10/2007

202 pictures
plus 15:55 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5

Punished in Pink.
Contract Slave Skyler Blake is back and as usual, she provides us with some amazing eye candy. She arrives to us wearing a tight, hot pink, latex mini-skirt that leaves little to the imagination for the average guy. However, not being average guys ourselves, we quickly run her through the paces as we demand that she pose for us in various positions. After Skyler gets us all riled up and rowdy, we take it up a notch by gagging her and tying her arms and ankles. Then, we get her in the stocks and tie her legs open, and tie the magic wand to her velvety pussy. Unable to move, Skyler takes the full brunt of the vibes fury on her pussy. Yet, she still asks for more until finally, she submits to a body trembling, moaning orgasm.
202 Pictures, Plus 15:55 video.

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Members Comments
27 Feb 2009 tickler wrote: Great position! Pls use this on some of your other slender models with nice abs.

09 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: This is by far the best way to put someone in the stocks. Very hot! (In gallery 3 I'd have bound her ankles apart and her elbows together instead of the other way round, but that's a minor flaw.)

08 Aug 2008 wrote: my love angel

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Skyler Blake 07/13/2007

154 pictures
plus 8:01 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4

Spacegirl Slave
This is Skyler's first visit to Perfect Slave, and to say she looks out of this world, is quite the understatement. Dressed in silver boots, thong and collar her beauty is simply extraterrestrial. Her tits are amazing as well and, even more so as she has them painted silver for us. We tie her siiting to a bench, then, we chain her legs spread open to the bars, tie a vibrator to her pussy and then insert a mouth hook and watch as we make her cum. As an added bonus and to further enhance her memories of her visit, we wrap her head in black plastic to allow her take it all in and to bask in her orgasm.
154 Pictures, Plus 8:01 video.

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Members Comments
14 Aug 2015 bluesky wrote: the face wrap is totally stupid

09 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: A really hot session with a gorgeous model, except for the face wrap in the last scene. A mere blindfold would have been fine (see gal. 4 pic 7 - you shoulda stopped right then!), but a total face wrap looks just ugly and not at all erotic. Nevertheless I'd like see a lot more of Skyler. (The last pics seem to indicate that she may have liked this session too?)

05 Aug 2008 wrote: extraordinarous bondage

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