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Shyla Stylez
Shyla Stylez
Age: 24

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position

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Spread Eagle

Shyla Stylez
Shyla Stylez 09/21/2007

100 pictures
plus 8:38 video

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Stacked and Wrapped.
Beautiful and busty Shyla Stylez, is a virtual feast for the eyes. Her golden hair, her voluptuous body and her massive tits, leave very little to desire. Dressed in a skin tight latex outfit and red latex gloves and crotchless panties, she transforms into an even more jaw-dropping vision. We take Shyla and gag her and tie her hands over head. Then we clamp her gourgeous nipples and stand back and admire the view. Next, we throw her in the throne and rig a vibrator to her pussy. As the vibe picks up steam, so does Shyla as she grinds her cunt up against it. Then, we wrap her head in red gauze and watch her beautiful body heave it's way into an orgasm.
100 Pictures, Plus 8:38 video.

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08 Aug 2008 wrote: nicepretty women

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Shyla Stylez 07/11/2007

47 pictures
plus 6:36 video

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Machine Fucked
Beautiful Shyla Stylez is bound and gagged naked to the Y bench with leather straps. This gives us the opportunity to spread her legs wide and gaze upon her perfect body, her lovely pussy and huge beautiful tits. Then we fire up The Invader, and watch in amazement as it starts slow then works it's way towards pummeling her pussy. Still, Shyla screams out and begs for more and, we happily oblige. The faster it pumps in and out of her eager cunt, the more Shyla wants until, finally she reaches a massive orgasm.
47 Pictures, Plus 6:36 video.

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: amor amor excite me

25 Jan 2008 wilhelm wrote: Besides seeing your hot babes strip in the videos (even 2 minutes would be good, I\'d like to see more dildo and/or machine fucking while they are in bondage. That\'s something I\'d stay a memeber for. Plus more girl on girl action. I liked the two girls on the bed with their pussies up rubbing against each other. How about a double dildo in them to add to their climax?

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Shyla Stylez 06/16/2007

104 pictures

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Glamour Suspended
This was the first scene that we ever shot with the ultra-hot Shyla Styles. We had very little idea of what to expect from Shyla as some models take to bondage and some do not. All we knew is how fucking hot she is! When she came out in a corset, stockings and heels we all felt the heat. She started posing and it was clear that we were working with an experienced model. But still no ropes. So we added ropes and her elbows touched behind her back which turned out to be a great omen for things to come. Then we gagged her and she looked perfect with that black ball stuffed in her mouth. We tie her ankles and Shyla poses for us. We stand her up and cuff her wrists and pull them over her head. She hangs from the cuffs as we snap away and the decision is in. Shyla is a bondage model. Enjoy!
104 Pictures

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: very very fantasm lovely

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Shyla Stylez 04/17/2007

94 pictures
plus 9:02 video

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Orgasms in Bed
We get the chance to shoot the beautiful and busty Shlya Stylez and we jump on it with perverted glee. Shlya is the type of girl who flirts with her eyes, or maybe she's just so hot that it seems she's flirting with anyone who looks into those eyes. Not to mention, up and down her incredible body: tan, feminine, perfect. She is a keeper for sure. So we decide to keep her on our bed. We dress her up in lingerie and stretch her out from one corner of the bed to the other. We gag her and challenge her to escape our knots. Of course, she had no luck, but it was fun to watch and shoot. Then we strip her naked and tie her spread eagle. The vibrator is mounted to her pussy and we turn it on to watch this legendary, sex-beast struggle and moan. Shlya acts just like we thought she would. She rubs her pussy against the vibrator in an effort to cum as hard as possble. And in a first, one of our magic wands fizzles out against the preasure she puts on it. We replace it and Shyla gets what she wanted, a huge and helpless orgasm in bondage.
94 Pictures, Plus 9:02 video.

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04 Aug 2008 wrote: adorable ladylo you excite me

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