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Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie
Age: 21

Eyes: Green

Hair : Blonde


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position
Bound and Fucked

Phoenix Marie
Phoenix Marie 12/31/2008

70 pictures
plus 8:42 video

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Cumming on the Throne
Beautiful Phoenix Marie poses for us as we gag and cuff her and remove her clothing to reveal her sweet body. Reluctantly, Phoenix submits as we hoist her naked body up into the iron throne and get her head in stocks. With our slave already firmly restrained in the stocks we want to make sure she's staying put, so we tie her hands and legs tightly down. Then, we mount a vibe to her pussy and give it power so we can watch Phoenix struggle helplessly as she cums hard.
70 Pictures, Plus 8:42 video.

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08 Jan 2009 Ogre wrote: Those are good points and we shall get more photos of the model tied and naked without the vibrator...and if you would like to see tied up for sex scenes, you now have access to all of our sites which includes :)

03 Jan 2009 rev wrote: Ditto, there's not much point in having the model undress if you're just going to obscure her pink parts with your toys. On another note, please do more spreadeagle/tied up for sex scenes. Thanks

03 Jan 2009 IMissTheOldStuff wrote: Phoenix Marie is a very pretty woman. I'd have liked a few shots that didn't have the vibrator blocking the view of her feminine charms, but every single picture in gallery 2 includes the vibrator. Please don't edit your sets down to just the vibe shots.

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Phoenix Marie 11/21/2008

67 pictures
plus 6:51 video

Gallery 1

Latex Lust
Clad in latex, Phoenix slowly reveals her bare flesh to us before we hand her a ball gag and demand she place it in her mouth. Then, we strap her wide open in the gyno-chair and rig a vibe to her pussy. Watching the lovely Phoenix in a state of restraint is a beautiful site as the vibe whirs away at her pussy until she gives way to pleasure.
67 Pictures, Plus 6:51 video.

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22 Oct 2011 JoeShmoe wrote: Never, ever get tired of Phoenix Marie--one of the best in the biz, with stunning good looks and that amazing body that just begs to be tied up! Unfortunately, the shoot is a bit of a letdown, though--like a stage play with Act Two removed, and Act Three rushed. Great start and build-up, then a few shots of a new position thrown in on the end--could've been much better, especially with THIS beauty to work with.

21 Nov 2008 DT wrote: Nice, but this chair and a few other set ups you use constrain a little too much - better to leave them enough slack to actually see them slowly go from struggling to humping

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Phoenix Marie 10/03/2008

64 pictures
plus 8:39 video

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Helpless Sensations
Phoenix Marie is one of the most sought after ladies in the adult industry for good reason. She is a striking beauty, her body is incredible and she loves sex. Watching her pose in her black lingerie was almost heart stopping in it's own right. But, we decided to raise the bar a notch and gagged her pretty little mouth before tearing her undies off. With her body exposed, we tied the lovely lady to a bench and rigged a wand to her cunt. Her whimpers turn to groans and her struggle turns to submission as she gives in to her helpless sensations and cums.
64 Pictures, Plus 8:39 video.

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01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: We are DEFINATELY being spoilt rotten with birds as gorgeous as this! This is what I REALLY love seeing, bound, gagged and looking VERY helpless. And she is SO beautiful. :0 )~

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Phoenix Marie 08/29/2008

75 pictures
plus 9:17 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Collared and Cumming
Phoenix Marie makes her debut to Perfect Slave this week. In case you're not familiar with Phoenix, she is a beautiful blonde with a smoking body and a really nice set of tits on her. We start it off by having Ms. Marie slowly strip out of her pink lingerie before we hand her a gag and have her fit herself with it. Then, we collar and cuff her before we get her down on the floor and tie her wrists and ankles. Once we have her in position, we mount the wand to her snatch and stand back and watch the fireworks...
75 Pictures, Plus 9:17 video.

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23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Nice one! I'd LOVE to give those melons a big squeeze!

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