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Micah Moore
Micah Moore
Age: 19

Eyes: Brown

Hair : Chocolate


Fave Sex Position
She loves Oral

Fave BDSM Position

Micah Moore
Micah Moore 07/09/2008

40 pictures
plus 5:05 video

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Bound on the Bed
After we tie and gag her, sexy Micah Moore struggles mightily on the bed as she tries to find some type of release. As she thrashes wildly in her binds it doesn't take her long to realize that her attempts are futile and there is no way out...
40 Pictures, Plus 5:05 video.

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03 Mar 2010 Buckeroo wrote: This girl just looks so RIGHT in bondage - more please !!

01 Aug 2008 wrote: darling lady you are nice pussycat

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Micah Moore 03/05/2008

74 pictures
plus 8:33 video

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Tied and Cumming.
Stunning Micah Moore first naughtily poses in her skimpy lingerie for us as we grab some candid snapshots. Gazing upon her perfect little body, it's quite easy to see why Micah is such a huge fan favorite. Next, we gag little Micah, tie her hands behind her back and rope her ankles to the bench. Then, we tie her down flat on her back and set the magic wand free upon her tight little twat so we can watch her cum.
74 Pictures, Plus 8:33 video.

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10 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Much Moore Of Micah Moore!! Sorry for all these bad jokes! But she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is GREAT in lingerie, and bound & gagged! She really knows HOW to tease & tempt us! Is SHE the slave , or ME? 10/10 for this and 20/10 to Micah for being just SO beautiful!!

31 Jul 2008 wrote: nice godness I live on second days is perfection lady micah is pretty women 2008

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Micah Moore 05/10/2007

100 pictures
plus 12:33 video

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Bedroom Slave
Not for the faint hearted. Micah Moore is like a walking heart attack in the first place. The face can go from adorable and cute to sexy as fuck in a glance. Her ass is allready legendary, her pussy is like velvet and Micah has exotic looks unlike most young models. She starts out posing in a tight little outfit and her personality shines. Smiles all around as she teases us with her ass and eyes. If we all just had a girl next door like Micah the world would have a constant hard on. Of course, there's nothing we'd rather do to a cute and innocent looking young woman than tie her up. So we tie her wrists to her ankles and gag her. She seems fairly relaxed until we roll her onto her tummy and she starts to realize how helpless she is with her pussy so exposed. We take ait a step farther and tie her spread eagle on the bed. Micah is at our complete mercy as we rig a vibrator directly to her clit. She jumps when we turn it on and what procedes is a sincere struggle for pleasure and release. Micah flows through orgasms and sensitivity, then over sensitivity, then desperation as she realizes the absolute truth of her situation. No matter how she moves, the vibrator will not come off of her clit. We ask her to try to get away from it and she simply cums again. Truly at out mercy, we finally do let her go. But we really didn't want to.
100 Pictures, Plus 12:33 video.

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05 Aug 2008 wrote: My merveillousmicah you young girl society is the best coolegienne you excite me

Bondage and BDSM DVD Sales
Micah Moore 01/16/2007

79 pictures
plus 6:08 video

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First time tied
There's nothing so entertaining, nothing which offers such devious emotions as tying up a beautiful young model for her first time. Micah is only 19, and it seems she hasn't run across such dastardly bastards as us in her life or modelling career. We tie her up in the clothes ahe arrives in. Tight jeans and small a small top. We gag her and Micah falls right into a submissive state. She pouts and rolls around and her beautiful eyes get very big as we begin to undress her. We pull her jeans down to reveal a perfect ass and hips. Then we pull her top up to show off her young tits. Then it's time for Micah to cum. We strip her and tie her to a chair with her legs frogtied and spread. Her hands are pulled behind the back of the chair and we rig the magic wand directly to her clit. We turn it on and Micah realizes that she isn't going anywhere and neither is the vibrator. She cums and gasps for breath as the buzzing continues. At the end she cums and squirts her juice all over our antique velvet chair. It's ok Micah, we loved it!
79 Pictures, Plus 6:08 video.

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12 Dec 2017 John wrote: First time tied full video

03 Aug 2008 wrote: beautful prety women I love you

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