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Karlie Montana
Karlie Montana
Age: 22

Eyes: Blue

Hair : Auburn


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Karlie Montana
Karlie Montana 09/02/2010
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Visions in Blue
We get the first glimpse of Karlie as she twists and turns, her hands and feet stocked tightly… her mouth agape… Her frustration subsides slightly when the vibe begins to purr against her pussy… Her hand reaches out as she wrestles with the sensation. Except, she really isn't at all as proven by her gyrating and mashing against the magic wand… We watch her explosive orgasm and maybe now she's had enough? We don't think so… lets see what else she has left...
ShootID: KAR_070710

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06 Nov 2010 Chris wrote: wonderful; a bound vibring is always high erotic. Since her mouth is open by spreadring, a good cock should be inserted; next session at FD please with a whipping intro.

07 Sep 2010 Watcher wrote: Karlie's struggles and intensity in forced orgasm are *awesome*.

04 Sep 2010 Fokusnik wrote: Nice, but I still prefer an ordinary ballgag...but that's just a personal preference.

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Karlie Montana 07/31/2010
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Health Care Reform
I don't know whose idea if was to dress Karlie like a nurse, but it was a good one...seeing her in the peach scrubs was all too real...she looked just like one of those super hot, chic next door, fresh faced and happy to be wiping your ass after whatever surgery landed you in the hospital, nurses...and it pulled me into a strange, sexual, political fantasy...Instead of huge health insurance lobbyists using money in Washington to buy votes and totally destory our chances of having a decently affordable, humane and honest medical community...they could be using that money to pay chics to be publically humiliated, bound and pleasured....maybe in the lobby, maybe by the elevators...each hospital could be transformed into a kinky place of true submission...where, if you go and die there, at least you die with a hard's not that expensive really...a little alcove somwhere in public view...with cameras and monitors thoughout the building so everyone can pay hot chics, maybe future nurses trying to pay thier way through nursing shcool, to do 3-4 hour scenes where they get bound and pleasured for this cause...maybe the model's fees will run them 3500 per day...that's so much cheaper than bribing people who are allready very rich...The point is, there is a better way to spend this wasted health care dough...and with a guy like me at the helm, we could make a huge network of sites and give away all the content for free and finally put those damn free tubes sites out of business...and how hot would it be if they paid innocent college students to entertain us all as they leave thier nurse dreams behind and start thier porn career...a cute woman like Karlie...make her give us all a show, strip herself, pose for us...then our team of male interns comes in to strap her down and tie a vibrator to her clit...and you watch her struggle and cum as you're getting your feet scraped on the 4th floor...I have a dream of a better, kinkier world....Ogre
ShootID: KAR_070710

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Members Comments
17 Aug 2010 Zane wrote: Lame or not, that is actually a zip tie...

12 Aug 2010 Crush wrote: Really? Her hands and feet connected by a piece of string? Lame.

02 Aug 2010 Thorn wrote: Karlie is a fox! stunning to say the least... Ogre, you have really given me something to think about the next time I'm at the it just me, or are the nurses these days getting alot hotter? now wouldn't it be awesome to have Karlie AND Melissa doing a scene "together"? perhaps we're about due for a twosome again? love the updates guys,this 1 and the last with Tati.Thanks!

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