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Jessica Sexin
Jessica Sexin
Age: 19

Eyes: Deep Blue

Hair : Brunette


Fave Sex Position

Fave BDSM Position
Hogtied, head back

Jessica Sexin
Jessica Sexin 01/10/2006

46 pictures
plus 8:20 video

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Spread Vibe-Fuck
We direct young Jessica to get undressed and lay on the bed. We buckle leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. We gag her and lay her back to spread her arms and legs to the bed posts. We rig a vibrator to a bamboo pole with a dildo. We stick the dildo deep into her pussy until the vibrator is snug against her clit, then we tie it into place. We turn it on and Jessica struggles through orgasm after orgasm and when Jessica thinks it may be over, our camera guy gets slap-happy and begins to fuck Jessica with the rig, pressing the vibrator onto her clit for one more orgasm.
46 Pictures, Plus 8:20 video.

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11 Aug 2008 wrote: splendide body you take me nervous

20 Jan 2008 wilhelm wrote: Now, here\'s a nice variation to the use of the vibe, in having a dildo stuck deep inside her while the vibrator is pressed against her. Another use of the Vibe was done back in August of 2005, with \"Isabella tops Sarah\" I really like this, as it has two hot babes, getting off on each other. Or rather Isabella has Sarah getting her off, then Sara being forced to come upside down with the Vibrator. This is the kind of stuff you should keep adding from time to time to mix things up, so it\'s not just the vibe that is used which, from the posts I have read, many don\'t like. Overall I think your site is great, you really have super hot babes featured. Could you have them tied up spread eagle while wearing a corset and stockings with heels, and perhaps a slave collar? I know a lot of people like them totally nude, but corsets gives that added bit of sexuality, and slave collar adds a bit of submissiveness,

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Jessica Sexin 09/27/2005

65 pictures
plus 6:13 video

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Strapped and Vibed
Teen-aged Jessica sexin is naked and strapped with tan leather from her mouth to ankles. Ropes hold her neck and feet in place and keep her stretched out. A vibrator is strapped onto her pussy and we turn it on and watch Jessica struggle to deal with the intense sensations in her crotch. She lasts longer than most, but eventually, she is forced to cum.
65 Pictures, Plus 6:13 video.

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13 Jan 2018 Mike wrote: I so love Jessica Sexin, one of my favorites on here, I have a neighbor that looks just like her, starting to wonder if it is her.

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Jessica Sexin 06/08/2005

43 pictures
plus 5:57 video

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Severly Buzzed Pussy
Jessica is a 19 year old hottie with adorable blue eyes and lovely breasts. Don't be fooled. Jessica sincerely loves to be tied up. And we give her what she wants. Her arms are pulled behind a padded board and her wrists are tied around her torso. Her legs are spread wide and ropes around her neck keep her head still. After we have her nice and helpless, we mount a vibrator to a stand and tie it onto her pussy. We turn on the vibrator and roll video as Jessica cums and struggles for almost six minutes, ending in painful, screaming orgasms.
43 Pictures, Plus 5:57 video.

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Jessica Sexin 04/18/2005

62 pictures

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Black Straps
Jessica is young and flirty and she looks outrageous in a tight, blue dress. We buckle black straps from her ankles to chest. She lays on the bed and rolls around for our pleasure. We decide the dress needs to go and Jessica ends up naked and gagged, helplessly strapped, right where we want her
62 Pictures

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