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Ryder Skye 09/17/2008

68 pictures
plus 9:13 video

Gallery 1

Taped and Teased
Lovely Ryder Skye finds herself bolted to the table, her mouth duct-taped shut. We then take a pole mounted wand and tease her pussy with it. Ryder's perfect tits heave up and down as she is pleasured in her restraints until she gives in and has a massive, muffled, multiple orgasm.
68 Pictures, Plus 9:13 video.

Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 TS wrote: The best video ever!I love every second of it!

Kali Kane, Regan Reese 09/12/2008

70 pictures
plus 15:09 video

Gallery 1

Slave in Shackles
Standing shackled in the Dungeon, Regan is greeted by her Mistress who begins swatting her pussy and ass with her riding crop. With her slave's pussy nice and wet, Mistress Kali buries her face in Regan's twat and has a nice long taste. Then, Regan's massive tits are weighted and Kali reaches for the magic wand. With the vibe pressed against her clit, Regan gives in totally and orgasms for her Mistress.
70 Pictures, Plus 15:09 video.

Calico Slave 09/10/2008

37 pictures
plus 6:28 video

Gallery 1

Beatiful Calico struggles as she finds herself bound, face down atop the cube. While she wiggles, we press a pole mounted vibe against her pussy and tantalize her mightily with it. Then, we suspend her in the air and watch as she swings and spins helplessly...
37 Pictures, Plus 6:28 video.

Alice Strange 09/05/2008

24 pictures
plus 15:58 video

Gallery 1

Secretarial Slave Pt. II
Continuing from the last installment, Alice's work adventure continues. This time after wheeling her out of the office and into a dark, gloomy dungeon, her supervisor straps her naked body to a cross. With his newfound slave secured tightly, it's now time to see just how badly Alice wants to keep her job. First a magic wand is rigged to her swollen cunt and Alice has a convulsive orgasm. Still not quite satisfied with her job performance, Alice's co-worker is brought in to observe and then the action really intensifies. The wand is removed and the mighty G5 is used to bring Alice to another series of orgasms. Still unsatisfied with Alice's performance, her boss affixes TENS pads to her body and releases a surge of voltage through her body. Finally, Alice is brought off to what can only be described as a ear shattering orgasm before she is left twitching in the darkness...
24 Pictures, Plus 15:58 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: OOPS! Didn't realise this was a series! She could be gagged with stockings and still be heard and her face seen, but looking sexy too. For people who prefer gags on slaves. This would (I hope) please everyone to some extent. I'd love to hear her moans, especially when she explodes in a huge overwhelming orgasm.

15 Sep 2008 IronChef wrote: I know other websites do the "interview" thing after each feature to demonstrate that. I think it's a drag, and unnecessary, personally. It's a long shoot, and I think if Alice *really* wasn't ok with it, you'd see her shouting at the camera, or calling for help. I think Frim's comments are indication of how good a job of acting Alice does, however. And I totally agree with the ball gag thing. The ball gag takes away what could be valuable commentary (pleading, moaning, etc) and also we lose some facial expression that could be priceless.

14 Sep 2008 Frim wrote: Be nice to see a short interview with her after this session - just to reassure that she was ok with it! Looked pretty intense towards the end....Assuming she was, great session. Can we do some of these without the ball gags?

11 Sep 2008 stricken wrote: this one is fun to watch and i am looking forward to more story type updates.

09 Sep 2008 kurt wrote: amazing orgasms. i always rejoin when there is a new shoot of her. more...

Sabrina Sparx 09/03/2008

103 pictures
plus 8:46 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Squealing Orgasm
Lovely little redhead, Sabrina Sparx gives us a nice view while she poses for us in her little blue outfit and heels exposing her smooth-skinned body. After we get her mouth gagged and her hands shackled overhead, we bury a wand in her tight, hot cunt and let it rip. Her reaction to the sensation is a squealing, struggling frenzy as she gives in and cums hard.
103 Pictures, Plus 8:46 video.

Phoenix Marie 08/29/2008

75 pictures
plus 9:17 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Collared and Cumming
Phoenix Marie makes her debut to Perfect Slave this week. In case you're not familiar with Phoenix, she is a beautiful blonde with a smoking body and a really nice set of tits on her. We start it off by having Ms. Marie slowly strip out of her pink lingerie before we hand her a gag and have her fit herself with it. Then, we collar and cuff her before we get her down on the floor and tie her wrists and ankles. Once we have her in position, we mount the wand to her snatch and stand back and watch the fireworks...
75 Pictures, Plus 9:17 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Nice one! I'd LOVE to give those melons a big squeeze!

Ariel X, Paige Richards 08/27/2008

67 pictures
plus 10:16 video

Gallery 1

Strap on Slave Sex
With her bra yanked down to expose her breasts, Paige is bound tightly to the bed as sexy Ariel X eats her pussy. Next, when her slave's pussy is nice and wet, Ariel buries her long, red strap-on in Paige's cunt and fucks her madly. The strap-on sex gets, hot and heavy until finally, Paige submits and cums.
67 Pictures, Plus 10:16 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: This is it! A GORGEOUS girl tied down & gagged in lingerie ..... AND being kissed over her sweet gagged lips!!! 10/10! Works fine.

03 Sep 2008 Ogre wrote: The gallery link seems to be working fine. If you have further issues with this, please contact us via our customer service link.

02 Sep 2008 JohnB wrote: Neither can I. The link seems broken. Please fix!

02 Sep 2008 DonF wrote: This looks like a great shoot but can't get the webpage to come up when clicking on gallery.

Tanya James 08/22/2008

90 pictures
plus 7:06 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Blonde and Bound
A new face makes it's debut on Perfect Slave in Tanya James. Tanya is a rare beauty with a stunning figure. She's a tall blonde with an amazing rack and legs that go on forever. First, we had Ms. James pose for us in her black and pink outfit. Then, we tied her wrists and yanked down her top and panties exposing her massive tits and sweet pussy. For the finale, we removed her clothing totally and tied her to a chair rigging a vibe to her cunt. Bound and gagged to the chair, Tanya can only give in to the pleasures and that's exactly what she does as we vibe her until she cums like crazy.
90 Pictures, Plus 7:06 video.

Members Comments
05 Feb 2009 Leopardmanxmanore new girls! She looks SO sex wrote: MORE of these style of photo shoots please. The background REALLY does them justice! 10/10


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