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Phoenix Marie 08/29/2008

75 pictures
plus 9:17 video

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Collared and Cumming
Phoenix Marie makes her debut to Perfect Slave this week. In case you're not familiar with Phoenix, she is a beautiful blonde with a smoking body and a really nice set of tits on her. We start it off by having Ms. Marie slowly strip out of her pink lingerie before we hand her a gag and have her fit herself with it. Then, we collar and cuff her before we get her down on the floor and tie her wrists and ankles. Once we have her in position, we mount the wand to her snatch and stand back and watch the fireworks...
75 Pictures, Plus 9:17 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Nice one! I'd LOVE to give those melons a big squeeze!

Ariel X, Paige Richards 08/27/2008

67 pictures
plus 10:16 video

Gallery 1

Strap on Slave Sex
With her bra yanked down to expose her breasts, Paige is bound tightly to the bed as sexy Ariel X eats her pussy. Next, when her slave's pussy is nice and wet, Ariel buries her long, red strap-on in Paige's cunt and fucks her madly. The strap-on sex gets, hot and heavy until finally, Paige submits and cums.
67 Pictures, Plus 10:16 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: This is it! A GORGEOUS girl tied down & gagged in lingerie ..... AND being kissed over her sweet gagged lips!!! 10/10! Works fine.

03 Sep 2008 Ogre wrote: The gallery link seems to be working fine. If you have further issues with this, please contact us via our customer service link.

02 Sep 2008 JohnB wrote: Neither can I. The link seems broken. Please fix!

02 Sep 2008 DonF wrote: This looks like a great shoot but can't get the webpage to come up when clicking on gallery.

Tanya James 08/22/2008

90 pictures
plus 7:06 video

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Blonde and Bound
A new face makes it's debut on Perfect Slave in Tanya James. Tanya is a rare beauty with a stunning figure. She's a tall blonde with an amazing rack and legs that go on forever. First, we had Ms. James pose for us in her black and pink outfit. Then, we tied her wrists and yanked down her top and panties exposing her massive tits and sweet pussy. For the finale, we removed her clothing totally and tied her to a chair rigging a vibe to her cunt. Bound and gagged to the chair, Tanya can only give in to the pleasures and that's exactly what she does as we vibe her until she cums like crazy.
90 Pictures, Plus 7:06 video.

Members Comments
05 Feb 2009 Leopardmanxmanore new girls! She looks SO sex wrote: MORE of these style of photo shoots please. The background REALLY does them justice! 10/10

Morgan March 08/20/2008

63 pictures
plus 6:21 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

The Invader
Fan favorite Morgan March returns in this update. Bolted to a wooden table, Morgan struggles mightily as the Invader is poised between her legs. Once the machine is engaged, it begins it's task of pummeling Morgan's tight pussy. Slowly, the Invader quickens it's pace and we place a magic wand on our slave's clit to intensify the action. Morgan's moans increase in volume until she reaches the breaking point and a gasping orgasm.
63 Pictures, Plus 6:21 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: This girl is one of THE sexiest and MOST adorable girls I have EVER seen! Picture 1 in Gallery 1 is a dead certainty as a poster on my wall! Excellent. She could tame the beast within the Leopard anytime!

Daisy Marie, Kina Kai 08/13/2008

45 pictures
plus 11:24 video

Gallery 1

Bent and Banged
Daisy Marie finds herself bound and bent over the bars for sexy Kina Kai. After warming up Daisy's ass a little with her whip, Kina then fingers her slave's pussy before sliding her strap-on deep inside Daisy's cunt. Moaning in ecstasy, Daisy takes it all as Kina pounds wildly at her pussy from behind until she has an ear shattering orgasm.
45 Pictures, Plus 11:24 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: While the cat's away the mice will play.......! WOWWEE!

18 Aug 2008 Ogre wrote: When we post girl-girl scenes we post only 1 scene per week. The same will go for blow job scenes...We are still shooting and updating the solo content and when we post solo updates they will come in pairs. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

17 Aug 2008 disguy wrote: What happened to the TWO updates per week. 2 weeks ago it has been only 1, too.

Jayden Jaymes 08/08/2008

41 pictures
plus 6:08 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Cumming on the Couch
We get it rolling by having beautiful Jayden Jaymes pose for us in a skimpy latex outfit. She starts off by innocently toying with the camera then, we get her to hike up her little skirt so we can get a look at her ass and pussy. Next, we take Jayden, rope her to a red velvet couch and rig a vibrator to her cunt. As Jayden struggles, we watch her perfect body gyrate as she tries her best to fight the sensations running through her body. Finally, she can take it no more as the magic wand works her into a lather and Jayden has a massive orgasm...
41 Pictures, Plus 6:08 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: She is SO beautiful! Purr......fect.

January Seraph 08/06/2008

57 pictures
plus 4:55 video

Gallery 1

Bound and Helpless.
Looking ultra sexy in her satin black corset, January is gagged and bound tightly on the Dungeon floor as she struggles for release. Then, Ogre enters to tie her even tighter, thereby rendering Ms. Seraph immobile. Realizing there is no room to maneuver, January submits and finally admits that she is helpless.
57 Pictures, Plus 4:55 video.

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Alice Strange 08/01/2008

31 pictures
plus 12:09 video

Gallery 1

Secretarial Slave
A normal day at the office takes a bizarre turn for Alice when her boss asks her for some paper work. Unable to locate what he needs, Alice's job duties shift from secretary to slave on the spot. Timidly, Alice disrobes for her infuriated supervisor on demand revealing her vivacious body. With her body bare, Alice takes a seat in her office chair where her legs are spread and taped open. After being made an example of to the rest of the office, Alice is gagged and her eyes grow wide when her boss brandishes the magic wand. With the vibrator pressed against her clit, Alice struggles to resist the sensation. Resistance is futile however as Alice submits and gives in to a series of shuddering orgasms. Begging for release, Alice's finds her journey has only just begun as her supervisor wheels her down the dark hallway to play with her some more...
31 Pictures, Plus 12:09 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: This would have been great as a series. Office antics at the modelling agency. She really does look like a secretary, as well. Think what they'ed get up to at the office party........................

04 Aug 2008 IronChefHawaiian wrote: Wicked, but SMOKING hot! And ... what a novelty, a porn actress who can actually act. Nice work. I don\'t know who that man is, but he\'s a great \"dom\". Very, very well done.


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