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Austin Reines, Ginger Lee 10/24/2008

104 pictures
plus 13:59 video

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Tied Wide to the Bench
Luscious Ginger is gagged and tied, spread wide to the bench as her Mistress inspects her lovely, little body. Teasing Ginger's flesh, Austin then gets down and tongues her bound slave's shaven pussy. Thanking her Mistress profoundly for her attentions, Ginger gasps as her cunt is fingered. Turning up the heat a notch, Austin then peppers Ginger's body with open handed slaps and then buries a vibrator against her clit until Ginger can take no more and cums.
104 Pictures, Plus 13:59 video.

Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Austin Reines over ALL the girls! Is that why this one is so gingerly about it? OK. I'll shut up.

Tanya James 10/17/2008

82 pictures
plus 8:27 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Stripped, Strapped and Submitting
We ask Tanya to pose for us in her blue dress and she willingly complies by slowly displaying her body. We then gag her pretty mouth and Tanya disrobes revealing her amazing tits, long legs and shaven cunt. Next, we take our slave and restrain her to the iron pole in leather straps and harness the wand to her pussy. As the vibe whirs, our strapped slave struggles at first then, gives in and grinds her twat down against the vibe's head until she reaches a shuddering orgasm.
82 Pictures, Plus 8:27 video.

Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Yep. I was right. Being spoilt with loads of beautiful bound & gagged birds! She is lovely! And good knockers as well! You could say she is a 'strapping young lass'. Shoulda used a pink ballgag and pink straps to go with her lovely pink hair. It doesn't matter if it is 'degrading', as long as everything matches. Women reading this please note: I'm only joking!

Morgan March 10/15/2008

62 pictures
plus 6:58 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Hoisted and Struggling
Morgan is tied tightly and cuffed before we hoist her up in the air and watch her squirm. Slowly, she is lowered and released and we tie her on her back to the cube. With her mouth dildo gagged, Morgan gets the wand smashed against her cunt which leads to a wrenching orgasm.
62 Pictures, Plus 6:58 video.

Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Couldn't these dildo gags be tied into their mouths (like a bit gag) after they had to suck & lick them? It'd look very sexy as they couldn't spit them out.

02 Feb 2009 woodpecker wrote: Probably the best recent scene with Morgan: Nice vulnerable position, and it looked like she was really turned on! I'd liked to have a close-up earlier in the scene though, and - by the way - PLEASE ditch that ridiculous dildo gag!

Lystra Slave, Veronica Stone 10/10/2008

130 pictures
plus 11:08 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Tied, Whipped and Vibed
Molten hot Veronica Stone has a Perfect Slave in the form of innocent Lystra. Tied in her vulnerable position, Lystra can do nothing but, submit as Veronica first gropes, fingers and eats her smooth little pussy. Then, Ms. Stone gives Lystra a nice little whipping across her body. Veronica finally reaches for the vibe and presses it against her slave's clit and Lystra can do nothing except give in and cum for her Mistress.
130 Pictures, Plus 11:08 video.

Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: Could we please see more slaves tied up and hotly & passionately kissed by their girly Doms, then see the Doms gagging said slave? Pheeewwweee!!!!!

Phoenix Marie 10/03/2008

64 pictures
plus 8:39 video

Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3

Helpless Sensations
Phoenix Marie is one of the most sought after ladies in the adult industry for good reason. She is a striking beauty, her body is incredible and she loves sex. Watching her pose in her black lingerie was almost heart stopping in it's own right. But, we decided to raise the bar a notch and gagged her pretty little mouth before tearing her undies off. With her body exposed, we tied the lovely lady to a bench and rigged a wand to her cunt. Her whimpers turn to groans and her struggle turns to submission as she gives in to her helpless sensations and cums.
64 Pictures, Plus 8:39 video.

Members Comments
01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: We are DEFINATELY being spoilt rotten with birds as gorgeous as this! This is what I REALLY love seeing, bound, gagged and looking VERY helpless. And she is SO beautiful. :0 )~

Tanya Danielle 10/01/2008

72 pictures

Gallery 1 Gallery 2

Beautiful, Busty and Bound
Amazingly hot Tanya finds herself in a precarious situation in this pictorial set. With her amazing, rock hard body and huge set of tits, blonde Tanya is gagged atop the bar stool with her wrists and ankles tied tightly. Then, we pull the stool out from underneath her and watch as our bound, bikini clad slave struggles...
72 Pictures

Members Comments
22 Oct 2011 JoeShmoe wrote: Sorry to admit, but this left me quite underwhelmed--here you have one of the most gorgeous fetish models out there, with a completely outrageous body...and then you do a boring, pedestrian shoot with absolutely no imagination or variety. Looking at the photo pages, there's just shot after shot with no change, and then you realize that's the whole shoot--incredible model, surprisingly pitiful shoot. Not one of your better days.

01 Mar 2009 Leopardman wrote: "PURRFECT" says the Leopard! This IS truly a slave in perfect bondage. She blows my mind.

Frankie Vargas 09/26/2008

45 pictures
plus 9:01 video

Gallery 1

Throat Fuck
Naked little Frankie has her wrists and legs bound as she bobs up and down on her Master's cock. The face fucking picks up in pace as she furiously takes dick as deep down her throat as she possibly can. Eagerly slurping away at her Master's member, Frankie takes a load to the face before being left alone and used on the bed.
45 Pictures, Plus 9:01 video.

Members Comments
23 Feb 2009 Leopardman wrote: Yeh. No blokes on this please. Just girls. Is he a Rock Star ...... Or a Cock Star?

01 Oct 2008 Oh No wrote: Yeah. I never wanna see that guy again. *Shudders*

27 Sep 2008 Yikes wrote: That guy is disgusting and looks like the walking charactature of a leather bound idiot.

Austin Reines, Satine Phoenix 09/24/2008

35 pictures
plus 10:19 video

Gallery 1

Bottoms Up
Tied ass up on the bed, helpless Satine is at the mercy of Mistress Austin. After her cunt is lubed, Austin toys with it angrily before mounting her slave and burying her strap on deep inside her pussy. As the giant dong hammers her cunt, Satine loudly groans in pained ecstasy until she cums on command.
35 Pictures, Plus 10:19 video.


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